March 25, 2023
Pokemon Go

The Real Reason Behind Pokemon Go’s Popular

We are living in a time when the internet is one of the major demand of everyone. Pokemon Go is very popular in all over the world. The Internet has an important role behind the popularity of this game. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day. According to the report of a newspaper, this app is now in the first position of the App Store which changed the activities of millions of users. Now it is a question, why it is so popular among the young generation? Many people believe that this app is more popular than Tinder.

Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented android games mods  which was developed for Android and iOS device. This game was released in many regions in the world in July 2016. We can use GPS and devices with a camera for this game. It allows players to train, capture and battle with virtual creatures that are called Pokémon. It appears on device screens as like as in the real world. It is free to play. The developer of the game is trying to release the Pokémon Go Plus in near future.

According to the report of a Digital Vision, the Pokemon Go is installed on more Android devices than Tinder. Within July 8, 2016, this game was installed on 5.16 percent of phones, while Tinder was installed only 2.4 percent. That’s why it is impressive that it has made an appearance on more than double the quantity of phones that Tinder has conquered.

Many people ask a common question that, why this game is so much famous? It is famous because of the following reasons:

  • “Pokemon Go” has immersed players that are unique in the video game history.
  • It goes back to the sense of adventure that drove the original games and anime series.
  • About 60 percent of the online gamers have downloaded “Pokemon Go”. They are the daily active users who like to play this game with others.
  • It changes everything because it can expand the console in such a way that no game ever has.

Online game designers in all over the world viewed it because this game is going to proceed, the mobile edition of much-loved 1990s and online game through the Manufacturers Company. It grew to become an immediate strike with rocketing towards the majority of the downloaded application upon each Apple device as well as Google Android cell phones.

It is too early to express the event that its achievement may reshape $25 million cellular video gaming business. The shock strike may encourage copycats.  Many indie game developers have a curiosity to make supporting apps for Android and iOs users. When this game was released in the gaming world, most of the software developers asked behind the privacy protection of the game. A few days ago, a US senator asked about the sensitive user data for this. He sent a letter to John Hankle( Niantic chief ) and wanted to know how the user data of the game receives and where it is used.

People’s choice change with time. For now, Pokemon is their choice. They love to play the game whenever they are free. As young generation is fond of new technologies they love the new technologies. Pokemon Go is such a choice.

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