Radon Testing Business in United States

Radon Testing Business

Radon is a radioactive element. In the periodic table, It’s atomic number is 86 and atomic weight is 222. It is cancer-causing radioactive gas. It is collected from breakdown of Uranium in soil. Radon is colorless and non-smelling gas. Without test, we can’t realize the presents of it. The melting point of Radon is -71 degree Celsius and boiling point is -62 degree Celsius. It is very toxic gas. Radon is used for various types of cancer treatments in Radiology. Sometimes Radon is used to find leakage in a large container or boiler.

According to a survey, more than 20,000 people died in every year for the cause of Radon toxicity. It is one of the great causes of Lung Cancer in United States.

Now it is a question, how does it come from? Radon is available in rock, soil and water.  Radon escapes from the soil and enter to the house for many reasons. It depends on the condition of weather, moisture of soil and the procedure of suction in our home. There is a great question for Radon testing. If we keep our family members and relatives safe from Radon toxicity, then test is very important for us. Our local health supervisor and civil surgeon can recommend for Radon test below third floor. There are few steps for Radon testing, these are:

  1. Shut down doors and windows for 12 hours

It is a good idea to shut down all doors and windows before 12 hours of Radon testing. Then we will get a good result.

  1. Keep all doors and windows close during the period of test

During the period of Radon test, we must close all doors and windows to get correct result.

  1. Open fireworks, air-conditioners and fans for circulating air in the room

If we open air-conditioners and fans during the period of Radon test, we can easily find out the emissions of Radon in our residence or business centers.

  1. Shut down Chimney and exhaust fans

If our exhaust fans and kitchen chimney are open, we can’t get correct result from Radon test. We must shut down when we shall do Radon test in our home.

There are various types of tools are available for Radon test. Among them, Radon Pre-Screening test is famous. By this test, we can get a good report by three days. It works with a digital Geiger counter which can check the smell of the air and radiation level within a short time.

Radon test should be mandatory for our residence and business places, and then we can understand the presents of Radon.

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