January 13, 2021
A Complete PDF Software For PDF File Users

PDFBear One-Stop-Shop: A Complete PDF Software For PDF File Users

Portable Document Format (PDF) is inevitably becoming the most widely utilized all over the world. Adobe has ideally made a file format that allows people to share and handle documents conveniently. However, in some instances, PDFs can be a headache.

Usually, people trust their files to some PDF websites whenever they want to convert, compress, or repair them. The thing is, either these websites are limited or require hefty amounts before they give you access to some tools. Thankfully, there is a complete PDF website that offers free services. That means you can easily convert, split, repair, and resize your files.

Learn these tools now.

PDFBear’s Free Tools and Features

PDFBear is a web-based online PDF software that is smoothly accessible through any device like laptops, smartphones, or computers. Plus, it is all for free, so you don’t have to let out cash to use its tools. This free tool enables users to convert PDF to Word online in a few clicks.

Other file formats such as PPT, Excel, and JPG are also supported by the PDFBear conversion tool. With this, you don’t have to download and install different applications or software; PDFBear is all-in-one. More than file conversion, PDFBear also features more tools for splitting, repairing, resizing, and locking your PDF files.

Moreover, utilizing these tools is 100% safe and efficient. PDFBear uses an advanced security system to protect your files and their confidentiality. If you want to know more in detail, please see their Privacy Policy.

Online PDF Converter Tool

PDFBear’s free PDF converter tool should be the best PDF converter you can ever find online. PDFBear partners with Solid-Framework to offer you the best quality converted file. It is incredibly proved to be superior to all other converter tools on the internet.

On the other hand, this tool is surprisingly easy to manipulate since it features a user-friendly interface, which includes a cool-to-the-eyes color motif on the webpage and straightforward instruction. Converting a file requires you to follow this four-step process properly.

  1. The first step should be the uploading of a PDF file to PDFBear’s server. Either you upload by clicking on the “Select Files” tab or make a faster upload by dragging a file from your folder and dropping it into the provided box.
  2. After it has been successfully uploaded, the tool will automatically scan through its pages and extract the entire scanned pages from your PDF file.
  3. This simple conversion process should not take longer than one minute. Please don’t take any action and wait for the conversion to finish.
  4. Finally, PDFBear will give you a formatted document. You can save it on any device or share the file to your Google Drive.

Split PDF Files With Ease

With PDFBear, sorting out unwanted pages from your PDf files is not a problem. You have to secure a stable internet connection and a functional device to access the Split PDF tool. It allows you to separate some pages and make it a whole new different PDF file. This tool is a great help whenever you need to get rid of some pages that you no longer need but still want to keep.

Repair Damaged PDFs

PDF files can only possibly get corrupted when the file carries a virus or malware, or maybe the device that you are using does not support the file. Well, this is just another drawback to handling PDF files, and PDFBear can totally fix this for you.

Resize Large Files With PDF Compressor

Many people often get into trouble with making webmails or printing because their PDF files are too large. Luckily, PDFBear has a tool that can shrink and reduce your PDF’s size without destroying your file’s original quality, which is considered an essential thing to keep.

With this, you will be free from future incompatibilities. Moreover, PDFBear ensures that you can access their website and compress any file you want anywhere you are. They feature a cloud compression, where you can go and reduce a file’s size. Whether you are at the office, school, or on a bus ride, you can have free access to the website.

Set Up a Password for Your PDF

Rather than printing out the whole document and keeping all the papers safe, you can actually encrypt a passcode to your PDF file so that no one can access it unless they have the password.

This feature by PDFBear is the Protect PDF tool, where you can upload a PDF file that you want to be password-protected. The system will ask you to type your password, and in a short while, you can have a fully protected PDF file.


Utilizing PDF software is essential when you manage many PDF files, but more than just software, you need one that offers all that you need, so it’s less hassle for you. Right now, PDFBear tops all other websites on the internet because of its incredible features that no site can match.

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Written by Richard Wilson