Party Boat Business in Miami

Party Boat Business in Miami

If you want to arrange a party on a boat then hire a boat from boat and yacht rental companies in Miami. Party Boat is a special type of boat which can accommodate a large number of people at a time.

To plan a boat party, you will have to make up a list for guests. At the beginning, you will have to calculate for a number of guests. If you don’t have a boat, then you will have to hire a boat from a rental company. In Miami, there are many boats and yacht rental companies. They have a variety of boats for rental. Some boats are small and some of them are large in size. You will have to hire a large boat for arranging a party on it.

Before hiring a boat for a party, you will have to consider few things in your mind, these are:

  • The capacity of the boat.
  • The size of the boat.
  • Security of the boat.
  • Having more than two decks.
  • Having DJ area.
  • Having Dance floor.
  • Having enough space for a bar.
  • Should have Cabana Beds.
  • Should have at least two stairs for entry and exit.
  • Should have at least three Buffet stations.
  • Should have modern kitchen facilities.
  • Should have enough restrooms for men and women.

Most of the party boats have two decks. In the lower deck, there are reception room, dual stairs, dining room, modern toilets for men and women and kitchen. Most of the party boats can accommodate at least 150 people. The size of the party boat can be 100 feet in length.

For the upper deck, there are a dancing floor, singing room, rest room and Cabana Beds.

Most of the party boats are made of durable materials like stainless steel and fiberglass. Many boats and yacht rental companies provide expert captains to operate party boats in the sea. All captains are well educated and well trained. They have real life experience in the sea. They know how to fight against the strong storm in the sea. Most of the captains are certified by USCG. They defined some rules and regulations for captains.

All party boats are well equipped with modern security systems. These are a fire alarm, Closed Circuit Camera, and firefighting equipment. All activities of the guests are strongly monitored by CC camera. There is modern navigation system in party boat. It includes Digital compass, Radar, and wireless system. An expert captain can easily handle these instruments. Boat and yacht rental companies supply expert cook with a party boat. They are well educated. They know various types of cooking. Among them, Continental, Indian Cuisine, International cuisine and Chinese food are important. For special arrangement, you will have to inform the management of the boat rental companies in advance.

Most of the party boats have modern toilets and bathrooms. In the toilet, there are water closets for old guests.

At the beginning of your journey, define your theme and menu. For a better arrangement of a party, you can hire an event management team who are expert in arranging a party on a boat.