July 13, 2024

Only Happiness is!!

Yogi went to forest to find the highest knowledge, he want to find answer, what is needed for all living being which gives peace with in?

He was doing meditation for many years and yogi couldn’t find the answer, yogi was losing the peace within,

Yogi felt, now I have to change the question, what is needed for me to be peace with in?

 Yogi started exploring his being, moment he thinks about his being, sense of awareness arise in him, All the thoughts gets slowly faded, slowly calmness in him pervaded, he becomes still, totally joy filled in him.

More he stays in the calmness and awareness pervaded in his entire being, there arise the thought and he asked himself, is that peace I am looking for and being responded, absolutely yes.

Yogi had retrospection about the mediation how he attained the calmness, peace with in and finally state of happiness or joy or Bliss whatever we can name.

He found profound truth,

  • Sense of awareness should be on me
  • More I aware of my being , thoughts reduces
  • Once the thought reduces , feel calmness in me
  • Whole being become so ease
  • Once I m aware, I am thoughtless, become calm and ease in me; I am totally at peace
  • Once I m at peace, I feel joy within.
  • Joy what I attained is ultimate.

Yogi want to reflect this profound truth, did all living being apart from human has such state of joy.

Then he sat in calm and comfortable place under tree, watched the birds and animals, he wondered, birds and animals look so happy, they care for their own needs, they love each other, they eat what they need, they nourish their own body, sleep well and express joy at their own level.

Yogi asked a question to himself it is the problem only with me, way I see things, feel things, did I get deluded? There is no happiness or joy doesn’t exist only with me?

He realized it is problem with me for not becoming state of Joy.

Then he asked question is that problem with mankind?

Then he felt absolutely yes, only human think I am sad and entire living being also sad.

Then Yogi asked the question, did mankind is deluded?

Then got the answer; yes. Mankind is having problem with mankind only, all other being except humans live with Joy.

Yogi was content, he remained peace in his life time, he understood the truth and he lived with Joy.

Some more insights:

Nature expresses joy in every moment. Tree, Birds, Animals etc.. They live with total joy.

We human are totally clouded with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Once we overcome the fence of thoughts, feelings, emotions we can see only calm exist, joy exists. Joy what I talk can be permanent, we need to nourish, feed awareness about only to our being, we don’t want have think beyond. This being will take care of your needs.

What I talk may look selfish way, more you are conscious about your self is door to your permanent happiness, and rest happiness is impermanent state.

Watch the tree, it stays calm, when nature gives water, light it nourishes and in that processes all the animals, birds and humans getting benefited. Did plant live selfishly? Absolutely not;

Nature governed by five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. With this five elements all entire earth is governed, when these five element ceases in that moment our joy can be ceased, until our being exist on earth can experience the joy, we need to remember always Aware of your being consciously, once we stop aware of our being joy may exist but we may not aware, as intelligent being awareness of being is the key for permanent joy.

Agreed we cannot have consistent awareness on our being, we need to train ourselves like a baby; slowly height of awareness on our being will increase.

Once you aware of your entire being, breath become deep, become thoughtless, work only for your needs, once our needs fulfilled, joy follows.

I am not saying we need to sit under tree do the meditation, be like a bird, be like animal, go hunt for your need, with awareness of your being, if our being need sex have, don’t suppress, have it, you show the expression in every moment, take care of your being, very being will guide you as a light, even if you are in darkness, that being will guide you if something goes wrong, that being will tell you this is right or wrong. You don’t have searched outside for the solutions, all answers resides in your being. Moment you start loving your being, in that love whatever you do only HAPPINES IS..

Written by
Richard Wilson
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Written by Richard Wilson