July 13, 2024
Mold Inspection Business

Mold Inspection Business in the United States

A mold is a fungus which grows in the form of multicellular filaments. Multicellular filaments are called Hyphae. A network of Hyphae is called Mycelium. Most of the Hyphaes are transparent. Hyphae can create a thread to the surface and cross-walls. Molds are not necessary because it can create food spoilage. It can also destroy the property.  Molds can create allergic situation for animals and human because it creates spores which is toxic. Molds produce a large number of spores at a time. Most of the molds grow on dead organic matter. There are more than thousands of molds available in the world. Among them saprotrophs, thermophiles, psychrophiles and mesophiles are important. Molds stay in a colony which consists of a network of Hyphae. Some molds grow at 4 degree centigrade. Few of them can survive in the harsh environment like snow or desert warm.

Mold is fungus that grows in the wet and high moisture environment. Mold is harmful to our health and the structure of the home. Molds grow in a colony which can be visible. Actually it grows in the cross-walls or damp area of our home. Mold testing can tell us if we have a mold growing problem in our home. It can also help us to find out hidden mold in our home. It is a good idea to hire a qualified mold test inspector for testing mold in your home. He can easily test and analyze mold in the lab and provide a report accurately. Mold testing business in the USA is becoming very popular nowadays. Most of the new generation Americans like to test mold in their houses. It is important for their future security.

There are two ways for mold inspection. These are given below:

Identify the place for mold growth

Before hiring a mold inspector, we need to identify the place for mold growth. Molds grow in the cross-walls or damped walls. There are also many places for mold growing. Molds need air, food and moisture to grow well. Molds may grow within 24 hours if it gets appropriate environment. A mold inspector can easily find out the environment of mold growing, these are:

  • Leakage of water pipe.
  • Crack of water drain.
  • Lack of ventilation in the basement.
  • A leak of the top roof.
  • Rooms that have no way to exhaust air.
  • Moisture occurs in the windows.
  • Dampness on the floor.

Cause of mold growth

There are many reasons for mold growing. Most of the mold inspectors know the basic cause of mold growing. They check few things about mold growing, these are given below:

  • History of water problem.
  • Previous conditions of the walls.
  • Previous history of leaking pipes.
  • Present conditions of the floor.
  • Find out the moisture level of the home.
  • Find out the damp walls and floors.
  • Drainage system of the home.
  • Sewerage system of the home.
  • Underground drainage system under the roads.
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