How to Spice up Your Business Card?

Business Card

A business card is a small card for identifying a person who is connected with a business. A good business card flashes on the image of a business organization. The standard size of a business card is 2 inches x 3 inches. A business card can tell the overall activities of a company. Before designing a business card, think about color, text or image. If you do business for toys and games, you can use bright and deep color for your card. If you do financial business, you can use black and grey color. It is a good idea to use your common sense during the period of designing your business card. Before designing a business card, you should remember few things, these are:

  1. Use your company logo.
  2. Set your trademark.
  3. Define your company slogan.
  4. Use plain text.
  5. Use 2 to 4 colors.
  6. Use white as background color.
  7. Include your name, designation, title, company name, address, phone number, e-mail, fax number, web address etc.
  8. Use your personal qualifications opposite of the card.

When you do communication with other people, always give at least 2 cards. You can use your business card for all types of correspondence. It is a good practice to keep your business card in a card case for neat and clean.

Now it is a question, how can we spice up our business card?  There are many ways to spice up our business card. These are:

  1. Use neon color for your business card which is attractive than others. It is applicable for the graphic and logo designer.
  2. You can use bold color for your business card. It gives you a stand out from other business cards.
  3. Business cards will be attractive if you use unique materials for printing. You can use glossy paper for printing.
  4. If you use emboss printing for your business card, then it will be very attractive to your clients.
  5. If your business is related with massage therapy, beauty salon, floral arrangement or spa businesses, you can use scented papers for business cards.
  6. Nowadays, folding cards are popular to all. It is ideal for furniture business or real estate business.
  7. If you live in hot weather, you can use plastic business cards for your business communication. Plastic cards are durable and unique.