September 26, 2022
wedding invitation card

How to choose your wedding invitation card?

That’s it, the date of D-Day is chosen. You have even already chosen your theme, found the wedding venue, etc. Now you have to make the invitation card to send to your guests.

Difference between an announcement and a wedding invitation

The announcement is used to announce the news to those around him, the date, time, and place. If reception or a van is given after the ceremony, the wedding invitation card should be placed with the announcement, specifying whether they are invited for the ceremony and the reception or only the first. The invitation card is also used to notify guests of major events such as baptisms, birthdays, etc.

How to make an invitation card?

To create a wedding invitation card, we often look for something original. If you have already chosen a wedding theme (nature, travel, car, etc.), the invitation card must respect this theme. Then there is the choice of style: you have the choice between the vintage invitation card, the romantic invitation card, the oriental invitation card, the Muslim invitation card, and the fairy invitation card. As for the content of the flower wedding invitations, it can be 100% customized. Finally, you have to choose the photos that can be arranged in portrait, jumble, or photo booth. You can choose a quality paper or a pretty envelope to make your invitation card look elegant.

Information to be included in the invitation card

When the colors, the photos, and the model of the invitation card are fixed, it is necessary to write the text. It’s often difficult to choose between an original, humorous, and classic text. But all you need to remember is that the following elements must be included: the date, the first names of the bride and groom, the time and place where the ceremony will take place. To ensure the quality of your invitation card, you must proofread it several times before printing it to avoid mistakes.

Personalization tips

You can add a decorative touch to your card, for example, ribbons and gold sequins. You can also use kraft paper for a bohemian or vintage card. If you add a slate pattern to it, it will make it unique. The format can be in a pocket or round making your card more chic and original. You can add a magnet to it. Your guests will be able to attach it to their refrigerator.

Oriental invitation card

There are many invitation card designs for you to choose from, including the oriental card. For this invitation card template to be perfect, the patterns that inspire the Middle East should be on it, for example, arabesques, oriental arts, mosaics, or lace cutting. The traditional color is gold which you can put on the frames or use to underline your initials. Other colors can also be associated with it such as pale green, yellow, and cream (to give a chic effect). You can, to perfect the menu, add a little touch of Byzantine Greek. Finally, you can create your text by drawing inspiration from the magic of the Arabian Nights tales and using original graphics.

3 styles of wedding invitations: which format to choose?

You are ready to write your invitation cards but you have not yet chosen the support? Here you will find ideas to surprise your guests with the shape of your invitations.

In the first step of the preparations, you must announce the good news to those around you and invite your loved ones to your big day. If you do not want to send them a  conventional wedding invitation, bet on the most extravagant forms! Casserole, chiseled, heart-shaped, you will find ideas for an invitation card in the image of an original wedding invite theme. You will always be able to adapt these proposals to the colors and the atmosphere of your big day for a result that is perfect to your liking.

  1. The classics

We are used to receiving classic announcements whether for weddings, baptisms or births, often square or rectangular (also called “Italian style”) but also pre-folded cards such as pocket folders which contain an inside pocket to insert reply coupons.

If you value this traditional format and at the same time surprise your guests, opt for chiseled or very colorful invitations. To transmit this type of chic wedding invitations, quality, and refined envelopes are most often used. Do not hesitate to decorate everything with elegant accessories such as a silky ribbon.

  1. Surprises

Exit paper announcements and classic shapes! Your wedding invitation should not leave anyone indifferent. When your guests receive your boxes in their mailbox, the surprise must be total. To achieve this effect, think of the most original supports. How about a beautiful custom fabric announcement with the text and patterns of your choice?

Depending on your theme, certain forms are preferred:  plane tickets to take your guests on your beautiful adventure, parchments for a big day from another era, a poster imitating a movie poster…  N’ don’t forget to play on the textures too: cotton, kraft, plexiglass, etc. If you want a country wedding invitation, know that some service providers will offer you to print your text on wooden boards. Even more original and festive, the balloon, which once inflated will reveal the great news, will surprise all your guests.

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