How sex and good health related

How sex and good health related

There’s a surprising relation between sex and good health. Sex not only makes people feel good mentally but also physically. Sex boosts the immune system of human body. Besides sex helps you to look younger.

Women get more physical benefits from sex as it stimulates vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity. With that sex strengthens women’s pelvic floor muscles. It can also help end menstruating faster as orgasm causes uterus contracts. One more surprising benefit, that study found, is: it contributes to keeping blood pressure lower.

Another research found that regular sex makes people able to tackle the stressful situation. And the reason behind this is endorphins and oxytocin. These two hormones, known as fell-good hormones, are released during sex. And they are responsible for trigger pleasure centers in the brain. Endorphin is also helpful for sounder sleep. And a sound sleep makes people feel fresh and energetic. Endorphin can also help relieve pain, as it closely resembles morphine. So when you suffer from a headache, instead of avoiding sex, you may try it. There’s a possibility that it will relive your pain.

A study found that, an antibody named immunoglobulin is found at a higher rate in people who have sex regularly. And this antibody is one of those that help fight diseases. And always remember that sex is a great workout.

Sex is good for the heart. Because it exercises the heart. It is good for the heart in another way too. Sex can be tension buster. A study revealed that couples, who sleep hugging had lower heart rate and blood pressure.

If you want to feel more healthy, you should take help of sex. Because there’s a link between sex and feeling good.

If someone asks you why should have sex regularly, besides every other reason you can answer that it helps to burn calories. An average sex of 30 minutes can burn more than 80 calories. And yes, regular sex promotes longevity. The reason behind this is a hormone called Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This hormone is released during orgasm.

The benefits that were mentioned above are not the only benefits is having sex. Among other advantages for the health of sex are it can improve the quality of sperm, it can defend you from cold and flu, makes your body diseases-proof, increases attractiveness. Regular sex can strengthen the bones. Keeping mind all these benefits, it should also be remembered that, sex is not just sex, it’s lovemaking too. And to be happy love is a must.

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