April 22, 2021
Erythritol and Its Effects

Guide to Erythritol and Its Effects

Erythritol is among the very popular food sweetener that is widely used in various places. Before choosing any food sweetener, you need to consider somethings. Some of those things are such as the health effects of using that particular product. For instance, if you need to use a food sweetener that is free of sugars, calories and other things that are not good for your health, then choosing erythritol can be an excellent option for you. That is because the erythritol side effects are very few as compared to the controversial aspartame.

In most cases, erythritol can be used on foods that contain zero sugar, low carb meals and other types of foods. In this article, we will discuss all the possible side effects of using erythritol. Some of those side effects are.

It’s genetically modified

Various studies indicate that most of the erythritol does not occur naturally. Although some erythritol may occur naturally, most of the ones used on things such as beverages such as alcohol and many others are genetically modified. Various risksare related to the use of genetically modified erythritol. Some of those risks are such as accelerated ageing, infertility, causeschanges in the gastrointestinal system and many more. Therefore one of the essential things to consider when using the sweetener mentioned above is to ensure it is not genetically modified.

Can lead to various conditions when combined with artificial sweeteners

In most cases, the erythritol is combined with artificial sweeteners before they are used. Thus, studies show that using erythritol that is combined with artificial sweeteners can lead to various side effects. For instance, when erythritol is combined with a sweetener such as aspartame, it can cause various issues. Some of the side effects of using erythritol that is combined with artificial sweetener are such as leading to short memory loss, excess weight gain, brain cancer, anxiety, depression and many more.

Causes gastrointestinal problems

Since erythritol pass via your body untouched, there are high chances of causing digestiveissues. That is because they go straight to the intestine for absorption. Since the intestine cannot absorb all of the erythritolsat the same time, things such as bloating, abdominal gas and diarrhoea may occur. Studies indicate that children of your age are very susceptible to such conditions. Thus if you need to reduce the impact of the Erythritol side effects, you need to control its intake consumption. Taking erythritol of about 50 g can cause severe side effects of an upset stomach.

Erythritol triggers allergic reactions

Erythritolis known to trigger allergic reactions. That was according to a report published in the year 2000 in adermatology journal. There are high chances of getting severe rashes after taking a glass of beverage that is sweetened with erythritol. Thus, allergic reactions are among the other side effect of taking erythritol products.

Not good for pets

Even if you want to treat your dog, cat or any other pet, you need to keep away anything made of erythritol. That is because erythritol causes severe side effects on pets. Some of those side effects are such as low blood sugar, liver failureand even cause death. Poisoning signs may be noticed immediately after 10 to 30 minutes to various pets after consuming products with erythritol. In case you see those symptoms, ensure you call your qualified vet officer as soon as possible. 

Can cause cavities

The last side effect of using products made of erythritol, such as alcohol is that they cause cavities. That can happenwhen the bacteria on your mouth break down starches and sugars to make them acids

Therefore the above discussed are among the top erythritol side effects that you need to know.

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