May 29, 2023
Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge: An American Icon

The United States of America. Total land area of the country is 9,147,593 km2. The country is full of beautiful places of various attractions. Each year millions of tourists from every corner of the world visit these places. Among the most attractive tourist spots in the USA the Golden Gate Bridge is one. California’s northern counties are connected to San Francisco via this bridge. Summer is the best time to visit Golden Gate Bridge.

Each year at least 10 million people visit Golden Gate Bridge. To many, it is the most beautiful bridge in the world, which was opened in 1937. The bridge is simply identified by its emblematic color. With principle and interest, the total cost of the bridge was $74 million. The bridge is an engineering wonder. The 1.2-mile long bridge has towers that reach 746 feet skyward. You can enjoy the beauty of the bridge by walk or bike.

Many people question about the color of the bridge. The color, international orange, was not selected intentionally. The steel parts used to build the bridge arrived in an orangey red primer. And the next story is now how the bridge is. Though international orange was selected accidently, the US Navy wanted the bridge to be black and gray.

The Bridge is one of the best attractions of USA. And as nowadays people love to capture every moment of their life, Golden Gate Bridge gives the opportunity in a unique way. People say the bridge is one of the most beautiful places to take a photo. Using different angle from morning to evening one can have some most beautiful clicks. Local photographers are also available there if you want an experienced hand for the frames.

Because of the fantastic view Golden Gate Bridge has shown in many films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Hulk, Basic Instinct.

Since 1937 the bridge has been closed for three times and till now three babies have been born on the bridge.

Before being a part of the bridge by visiting take note that you should bring sunscreen, water, light jacket, hat, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, lunch money and snacks with yourself. But is you choose to visit the bridge by cable car remember that foods and drinks are not allowed there.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an American icon, and it is more remarkable than can be imagined. So visit the beloved bridge and have a lifetime experience.

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Richard Wilson
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Written by Richard Wilson