September 26, 2022


Russian Soup

Russian Soup Dishes & Traditions

The ancient Russians ate a lot of bread and other grain-based foods. Their women baked bliny, a kind of flour-based fool, and celebrated important events with kasha, or berry bread. Some other traditional Russian foods were pirogi and kurnik, which...

Best Pork Recipes

11 Best Pork Recipes

Pork can be one centerpiece of your forthcoming dinner party, moreover even attain a tender spot on the family’s weekday menu. This signifies versatile meat that can go with everything as well as pairs beautifully including different flavors...

Table salt chemical formula

Table salt chemical formula

What is salt? Before describing the common table salt chemical formula, let’s define salt first.  Salt is a white crystalline substance that gives the sea its characteristic taste .it is mostly used to season and preserve the food. Salt is a...