Erectile dysfunction and other diseases

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is related to some other medical conditions that can be severe if not treated timely. That’s why identifying the cause of ED is very important.

It’s not easy to tell what problem is causing ED. Before attempting to understand what’s causing ED, let’s have a look at what is ED actually.

ED is associated with sexual excitement. To have a smooth sexual intercourse erection is a must. But sometimes the process of erecting interrupted. Firstly causing sexual dysfunction, but inside the story is far deeper.

So what are the conditions that are related to ED? In short, the list is like that: Diabetes, kidney diseases, nerve and brain disorder and blood vessel diseases.

But there’re other possibilities too that can lead to ED. Such as Surgery, Injury, Hormone problem, Venous leak, tobacco, etc.

Most of the cases the problem has a root in something physical. That doesn’t mean we can leave psychological issues. Like any other activity, for sex too, the brain plays the most important role. It signals.

Things like depression, anxiety or stress can interfere with sexual intercourse. By time which can cause ED. Interestingly ED also can cause depression, anxiety or stress.

As we know that, ED is associated with blood flow to the penis, so, some medicines are also responsible for this. But everyone should remember that: whether a particular drug is causing ED or not, it shouldn’t be stopped without consultation of any doctor.

Many believe that healthy lifestyle reduces the probability of ED. That’s a very reasonable opinion. A healthy lifestyle can help people in many ways.

It is believed that cycling can also cause Erectile dysfunction.

So, if you feel that you are having trouble with the erection, don’t wait. Consult someone specialist, as it can be a symptom of certain medical conditions, like cardiovascular disease or kidney problem.

It’s hard to tell what’s the actual problem behind someone’s ED. But there are some measures that can be taken to prevent it. Among the measures most important is physical exercise.

As prevention is better than cure smoking should also be avoided to prevent erectile dysfunction problem.

Besides the lack of sleep can also cause ED. So sleeping enough is another natural way to prevent ED.

There’re a lot of reasons for ED and thanks to medical science that it is treatable. And last to remember that, though aging is associated with impotence- another name of ED- there’re people who never suffer from this problem.

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