August 18, 2022
Build Appealing Landing Page

Compelling Reasons To Build Appealing Landing Page For Your Online Business

Do you need more leads?

What about the conversion ratio?

When it comes to generating leads, conversions, we often think of digital marketing techniques that drive more traffic to websites or applications. Irrespective of business size and type, online marketing plays a crucial role these days as it grabs users’ attention quickly compared to the traditional marketing approach. 

Among many digital marketing tools, the landing page is one of the most important aspects of a digital campaign that is designed for a specific target and goal. The main aim of creating a landing page is to convert traffic into conversions. If you are engaged with eCommerce business or on-demand business, landing pages have simply become a necessary element in the marketing toolbox. 

Imagine you have set up a website, developed a web application, and users are visiting your site daily, but barely any of them are converting into loyal customers, and you have no clue why. Well, you might not design an appealing landing page. 

Here we have mentioned reasons why you need a landing page for your online business. Let’s get started. 

What is Landing Page

In simple terms, a landing page is just the page designed to target a specific audience, and they will be redirected to a specific page as opposed to your website’s home page. 

This is a simple definition. 

According to HubSpot,  a landing page is another web page that enables you to grab a visitor’s attention through a lead-capture form.

An appealing landing page helps prospects in:

  1. To take affirmative actions
  2. Promoting a new product or service
  3. Building your email list
  4. Getting traffic to your website

No doubt, the website is also important for online business, but it accommodates various paths to take while landing pages are designed to accommodate a more specific action. 

In this post, we will go over five benefits of a landing page for your online business. 

Easily Generate Leads

The purpose of such landing pages is to collect user data, including name, email address, contact details, etc. Landing pages are instrumental to your ability to generate more leads and convert them into loyal customers. 

As per the report from Marketing Mix, well-designed landing pages can generate leads up to 110% more as compared to the website. Especially if you are occupied with online or on-demand business, along with the application, you should have an attractive landing page that catches the user’s attention. 

As a user, we often get promotional messages from ubereats like delivery app, brands using landing pages as a great tool to check who is interested in their products and services. It also filters customer data based on their preferences. A landing page with clear CTA buttons, text, videos, description leaves a positive impact on the user’s mind and must for lead capture campaigns. 

Landing Pages Directly Accomplish Your Business Goals

This is another compelling reason behind developing an attractive landing page. One of the major benefits of landing pages is it directly promotes your business and conveys a message to users about your new offerings, discounts, or closing more sales. 

Landing pages benefit your business because they are created for a stipulated time frame and for a specific audience. Eventually, it allows you to measure success in relation to the objective. 

Designed for specific actions that can be tailored to meet your business objectives, landing pages encourage users to take actions such as placing an order, signup for a newsletter, provide contact details, make a purchase, or request a demo. 

Landing Pages Improve Paid Digital Campaigns 

A successful paid digital campaign depends on click-through rates, and these rates are influenced by landing pages. When setting up your campaign, the focus is on creating ad groups in a way that generates a high-quality score for your targeted keywords. Three things measure this quality score:

  1. Ad relevance
  2. Click-through rates
  3. Landing page experience 

For instance, you have started a paid campaign for the keyword “doorstep grocery delivery.” The link from that ad could be to your website or application, but that will only get people to your website. By using a landing page, you can attract more people and generate more leads than if you directed people to your site or application. 

A landing page specifically designed for paid campaigns will bring more traffic to the website because the user will find accurate information about your offerings and other related information. They won’t get confused since this is exactly what the person is searching for, and the landing page fulfills the user’s goal. 

Landing Page Grow Your Email List

Undoubtedly, experienced markets believe that social media is an effective tool for promoting your business, but here we should not underestimate the importance of email marketing. 

Landing pages may include a link to a form that asks for consumer’s information such as name, phone number, email address, etc. If you use a short form on your landing page that asks for email, it will help you grow your business’s mail list. When someone fills out a form, you will get their details and come to know about their preferences. 

Later, based on that, you can draft mail and craft marketing strategy. You can use these mail lists and send out promotional offers, newsletters, coupons to grab user attention. It will keep users engaged with your business. 

Landing Pages Increase Credibility 

Last but least, since landing pages are focused on specific tasks, you can modify it, optimize content and elements that encourage users to make informed decisions.

When a user feels like their action is clear and you are offering the same to achieve that, they feel valued and recognize that you understand their needs; they will be likely to close a deal that ultimately boosts sales and build credibility. Another way to reap the credibility advantages of a landing page is by adding testimonials. This will build trust, and customers feel more secure to take action. 

Bottom Line 

In short, a creative landing page helps you fulfill core objectives for your online business. Landing pages allow you to turn visitors into potential customers. They let you reach your target audience and offer them something valuable. Make it appealing and impressive, your landing page will indeed offer you the desired results. 

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