September 26, 2022
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Best Hidden Spying App for Android – TheOneSpy

More than 70% of the world’s smartphones are android phones. This fact provides a clear picture of how significant are android phones for us. The phone is largely used by kids and employees around the globe.

The central idea of the discussion is that many employers and parents want to track android phone due to many problems. We will be discussing their problems lately.

The best solution to track an android phone is by using an spying app for android.

Major problems for the parents

The main problems that parents face regarding kids are related to harassment, cyber bullying, cyber predating, and sex offending.

The cyber criminals do all this with the child to press them to know about the financial details of their parents. If the kids, out of frustration, share these details with them, the whole family will suffer.

Moreover, a number of live-streaming apps are there which are used by kids for online dating. Social networking platforms are also the source of this activity.

Moreover, a few kids start viewing inappropriate content over the internet that affects their moral and ethical standing. The objective of the parents is to restrict this kind of activity, which can only be happened by using a spy app for android phones.

A fine android hidden spy app can do all the spying on the kids’ activities without any hint to the child.

Major issues:

  • Harassment
  • Viewing inappropriate content
  • Cyber bullying

The TheOneSpy Review helps you to know it in deep.

Major problems for the employers

The pressing concerns of the employers include productivity issues, workplace harassment issues, and cyber threats to the businesses.

A few employees at the workplace start spending their time while surfing the internet, streaming music, and the internet, and connecting with their friends and family.

On the other side, it is revealed that around 4.1 billion business records were stolen out of cyber attacks on business devices in 2019.

So, it comes to our knowledge that business devices are on the brink of facing cyber attacks, and the stolen data is then used for gaining illegitimate benefits. Workplace sexual harassment is one of the most pressing and worst issues that are faced by employers.

Major issues:

  • Cyber threats
  • Workplace harassment
  • Productivity issues

The allegations of sexual harassment by female workers over male colleagues seriously stress the employer to cope with the issue because it can damage the business repute and ultimately financial standing.

The employer can install the hidden spying solution to the employee’s android phone; the employee does not get any hint of the activity.

The best solution for parents and employers

There are many android hidden spy apps that allow tracking all the activities of employees and kids over their phones, but the best solution in all aspects is TheOneSpy.

The key features of the android spy app are as follows.

TheOneSpy – Key Features

Website blocking and filtering

The feature has a great significance in dealing with the issues of parents and employers. The employer can block a certain number of websites that are prone to have cyber criminals at the backend. Thus, protecting the business data from cyber threats.

Additionally, parents can block websites that contain information about criminal activities like drugs and robbery etc.

Assigning productive and unproductive tabs

The android hidden spy app allows assigning productive and unproductive tabs for the employee. Thus the app records a log of all the time spent while using productive and unproductive activities.

Surround recording feature of android hidden spy app

This feature allows the parent and employer to know the real-time surroundings of the child and employee if there is any problem with the target user.

The feature is vital in coping with the issue of workplace harassment on female employees.

Social media monitoring through TheOneSpy

This feature enables the parent to cope with the issues of cyber bullying and harassment. The parent can monitor all the chats, images and videos shared, voice notes exchanged, and all VoIP and video calls to actively track all the child’s activities.

Other features

Keylogger, internal storage tracking, phone call recording, and location tracking etc.


The use of the android hidden spy app is discussed for parents and employers. The best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy.

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