December 4, 2023
Bangladesh Sugar Mills

Bangladesh Sugar Mills Need More Sugarcane

All the ten sugar mills in the country’s northwestern area are running into massive loss due to lack of sufficient sugarcane, an expert said.

He suggested crop-rationing system so that the traditional crop variation could be continual. He, however, said the sugarcane manufacturing is progressively being reduced after unable to contest with some other great vegetables and crops.

Dr. Pal described that the world has now been generating hardly 0.35 million tons of sugar against the interest of around 1.2 million tons. But, he linked that the sugar has the vital part in the psychological growth of the young generation along with the cost-effective growth of the world. Significant distribution and growth of the designed contemporary technological innovation can help enhancing sugarcane production in the nation, which needs for the conference up the domestic sugar demands.

Sugarcane researchers described that the modern technological innovation developed by BSRI (Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institution) could be the effective means of enhancing sugarcane agriculture and its production. Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute Principal research official Dr. Samajit Qumar Pal said the world has great leads for increasing sugarcane production up to the predicted level, but the chance could be made genuine as yet due to multi-purpose restrictions.

He underscored the need to ensure a healthy environment in the plants agriculture system for meals security. In connection with this, he highlighted the need for enduring of all the potential plants such as the cereal products and sugarcane for the benefit of enduring the sugar mills. In connection with this, he said per 100 ml sugarcane juice contain 90.2g water, 39-kilocalorie food energy, 0.04mg riboflavin, 6microgram carotene, 1.1mg iron, 1.1mg iron, 10mg phosphorus, 10mg calcium, 0.4g mineral, 9.1g carbohydrate, 0.1g protein, and 0.2g fat.

We have the great probability of getting the proteins components through significant improvement of the cash crop production that can help to eliminate family level proteins lack of, Dr. Pal said. He included that frequent in-taking of sugar or molasses part by part with grain and other healthy foods was very essential for human being especially the growing children for creating their intellect power.

Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute Principal Research Official Dr. Abdur Rashid described that 40 high producing sugarcane verities along with other necessary modern technological innovation had so far been discovered. In addition to this, he said significance is being given to distributing and shifting those among the farm owners. Inter-cropping with sugarcane has been found as more useful to the farm owners as it can increase complete crop production per device area along with guaranteeing sustainable sugarcane farming with higher financial benefit in comparison to other plants.

Systematic intercropping onion, mug bean, lentil, garlic, potato and some other winter time crops, spice, and vegetable help improve sugarcane generate in comparison to sole cropping. Also, inter-cropping make additional job opportunity needed for great plants manufacturing. He underscored the need for a wide-range development of sugarcane intercropping through reactivating the area level farming authorities and employees for the country’s food security.

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