July 13, 2024

Awesome Landscape Paintings That Will Blow Your Mind

Most of the painting occupies a blue sky with pale white clouds. Below is a flat and immense Dutch landscape, sunlit, and torn by trees. In the center of the canvas, breaking the horizon is a farm – a somewhat anecdotal windmill with rotating wings, near which stands the traditional Dutch house in grey-brown tones, where the miller may live. The bottom part of the work is filled with tidy rows of flowerbeds of purple, red, yellow flowers when the viewer looks at them; it’s as if they can feel the bubbles of tulips in the wind.

Storm (Georgeon painting)

Due to the ribbed lightning discharge illuminating the whole scene, the painting remained in history under the name «Storm.» The painting depicts an idyllic rural landscape with a river, trees, and ruins. The cloudy sky was litten by a flash of lightning that heralds an imminent storm. The woman on the right is breastfeeding the infant. She’s completely naked, and only her shoulders are covered by white matter, possibly symbolizing purity and innocence. Her rounded belly, full breasts, and the act of feeding in turn probably symbolize fertility. The allusion to the Virgin Mary is obvious. Also, you can do Paint by numbers that will be easy for your design.

The lower left side of the painting depicts a man, possibly a soldier. He stands in the position of a counter-post and holds a long staff or a spade in his right hand. Smiling, he looks to the left but unlikely to look at a woman. Various researchers called him a soldier, shepherd, gypsy, or bachelor. The columns behind it may symbolize strength and constancy, but the fact that they were broken can be a symbol of death.

X-ray photography of the painting revealed that Giorgione had initially planned to paint another nude woman on the scene, and the entire painting was done in stages.

The painting seems to be waiting for a storm. The colors are softened. Green and blue shades dominate. The landscape dominates people. Many scholars believe that the story is a second story and the primary atmosphere created by Giorgione in the painting.

Vincent van Gogh painted the landscape «Harvest» in June 1888 on a hill from which a field view opened in the vicinity of the abbey of Montmajour. At that summer’s plain in southern France in Provence, the artist painted a series of landscapes about the harvest process. In all the paintings, Van Gogh depicted working peasants as celebrating their hard work. The painting «Harvest,» also known under the names «Harvest» and «Harvest in La Cro, and Montmajour in the background,» was included in this series.

In a letter to his brother Theodore, Van Gogh admitted that writing summer was more difficult than spring. But he did his job, and he was delighted with the result.

In the painting «Harvest,» the artist painted a hot summer day; deliciously yellow colors of boundless fields transmit all the brightness and heat of sunlight. It’s like it’s glowing like it’s emitting sunlight.

Saturated in blue, the stripe of the horizon, as if drowning in the heavenly lazuli, obscuring a full space.

The brightly yellow field colors in the distance are diluted with light green colors, allowing the line between individual fields to be recognized. Juicy strips of trees, buildings, roads create horizontal and vertical on the canvas, which gives the picture a visual volume. The landscape seems to come alive and fit into the viewer’s eyes, conveying in full the atmosphere of the hot day.

Despite the miniature size of the peasant figures, the artist managed to write in detail about their work.

It was essential for Van Gogh to capture the harvesting process on the canvas. He was able to illustrate the main stages of this process.

He was delighted with the painting and gave it the name Harvest.

Today the painting of Van Gogh «Harvest» is in the Van Gogh Art Museum in Amsterdam.

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