July 13, 2024

Arkansas is a New Explorer for Tourists

Arkansas is located in the southeastern border of the Mississippi River. This state is famous for abundant parkland and many recreational areas. There are caves, rivers, encompassing mountains with hot springs. The capital of this state is Little Rock.

In every year, a large number of visitors visit this state. Most of the foreign tourists like to visit Blanchard Springs Caverns with limestone caves. The Clinton Presidential Center is located in this state. Many tourists want to visit Bill Clinton’s presidential archives and other attractive exhibits. Now I am going to discuss few interesting places of the state. These are given below:

Hot Springs National Park is a great tourist spot in Arkansas. It is famous for hot springs those are located in the Ouachita Mountains. Many people believed that this place has healing properties for American Indians. This park was setup in 1921, but it was famous for tourists more than 200 years ago. An observation tower is located in this park. Visitors can see other tourist attractions of this park.

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site was established in 1957. It is famous for the civil rights movement. It is the place where desegregation started.

The Clinton Presidential Center is situated on the edge of the famous Arkansas River in Little Rock. There are a presidential library and museum in this center. It is famous for an occasional venue of the local events.

Buffalo National River is another great tourist spot in this state. It is a free flowing and unpolluted river in the USA. It has a great attraction to the foreign tourists because it is famous for wilderness. This national river area is a protected area for deer and other variety of animals. Many hickers like to go to this place. It is a nice place for horseback. Tourists can get the information of this area from the Tyler Bend Visitor Center.

The Arkansas Air Museum is famous for 1920s and 1930s racing planes. Tourists can easily get the idea of the history of flying from this museum. There is an aircraft hangar in this museum. It was built in 1940. It is possible for tourists to see the display of many vintage aircrafts. Most of the vintage aircrafts are in flying condition.

Mammoth Spring State Park is situated in Mammoth Spring. There is one of the largest springs in the United States. The water flow of this spring is about 9 million gallons in an hour. A restored train depot is located in this park which was established in 1886.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is located in southwestern Arkansas. It is a short drive from Murfreesboro which is the only source of natural diamonds. This diamond state park is open for public now. About 70,000 natural diamonds have been collected since 1906. The world famous Wagner Diamond has been discovered in this diamond park. This park is also famous for a museum. A nice water playground is located in this park.

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