March 25, 2023
Mobile Commerce Business

Advanced Mobile Commerce Business in the United States

Mobile Commerce is also called m-Commerce. During the period of the internet age, mobile commerce faces the huge challenge with e-commerce in the USA. Many people believe that mobile commerce has huge potentiality in the near future.

At the beginning of 21st century, most of the businessmen used keypad based mobile phones which had fewer opportunities to use various types of business. Nowadays, touch screen based mobile is very popular. In these mobile phones, there are various types of apps which are used for business purpose. We can easily send our product details to potential customers with the help of internet technology. It is possible for us to get the phone numbers of our local customers through the phone directory.

It is some kind of explosion of applications and services for Internet-enabled mobile devices. Through these processes, we can easily access these services from the smart mobile devices. It is directly involved with new technologies, services, and business models.  It is different from traditional e-commerce.  The activities of e-commerce on mobile phones are different from the activities of desktop computers. It helps to implement door to door services with new applications. It also helps to pay for items at store or restaurant.  Mobile Commerce consists of two components, these are given below:

Step 1

The first step is the ability to use a mobile device for financial transactions with communications. There is a possibility exchange the payments of the products through the Internet technology.

Step 2

The second step is to deliver the information which can facilitate a transaction. There are many opportunities in the USA where customers can pay the payment by mobile banking. Business men use the web browser for promoting their products and services. The cost of promotions is less expensive compared with traditional methods. It is becoming very popular in all over the world.

At the beginning, a mobile phone was used as a mobile communication with each other. Nowadays this tradition has been changed rapidly. Manufacturers have stretched their technological innovation to the point where cell phones have become a hub for many daily activities, including shopping or regular trading.  Mobile commerce is starting to become a very relevant and important component of retailing. You’ve no doubt noticed news stories popping about merchants launching mobile shopping applications to capitalize on the enormous potential that new smartphones and mobile devices are capable of delivering to consumers.

Mobile shopping is much more than a fad. Motorola recently did a study that revealed more than one-half of worldwide internet users shopped with their mobile phones during the 2009 holiday season. And while Generation Y constituted the largest batch of mobile shoppers in the study, Generation X (50 percent of respondents) and Baby Boomers (33 percent) are also catching on, meaning that m-commerce has evolved into a trusted and useful tool for people of all ages. Separate research showed that m-commerce grew by over 388 percent across the retail industry in 2009. As a retailer, that’s a number that’s hard to ignore.

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Written by Richard Wilson