5 Ways Freelancers Can Better Manage Their Workload

5 Ways Freelancers Can Better Manage Their Workload

Working freelance can be a great opportunity for those who are incredibly comfortable working on flexible schedule rather than the common 9-5 of corporate offices. These kinds of positions allow for remote opportunities and an environment created to suit your needs the best. However, for those who are not as comfortable or experienced working freelance this type of lifestyle can be quite tricky to handle, especially when it comes to managing a workload and staying organized. Below are a few tips that freelancers can use to stay on top of their work and make their projects a pleasant experience for themselves as well as clients.

Store Documents Safely

            Losing track of documents is easy to do whether you work in a traditional office environment or not and it can cause significant issues when it comes to fulfilling customer requests and deadlines. A great way to stay organized and in control of your documents is by uploading them to a data room provider, designed to keep them secure and out of the hands of the wrong third parties. This is a useful tool for sharing information and not compromising a client’s trust in your capabilities. A VDR allows administrators to disable print and download if necessary and set complex permission settings for anyone they invite to view certain documents. Save yourself the stress and trouble by storing your data somewhere secure and in your control.

Know When It’s Too Much

            There are some days when pushing yourself to finish that project or taking on a new one can really increase your motivation and productivity. And there are others where that can just cause you to completely lose control of all your tasks and fall behind. As a freelancer it’s important to understand that sometimes saying ‘no’ will provide more business opportunities in the long run because you won’t become overwhelmed and burnt out early on in your career. Mass amounts of work does not always equate to success, so give yourself some necessary down time to recover from a stressful week and get back on your feet with the rest of the work you need to complete.

Communicate Openly

            Communication is key for any relationship, especially those between you and your clients. If you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or confused with a project you are working on for them, then be open about your struggles and allow for their input to help you during the process. Don’t hold back letting them know that they haven’t provided you with enough information to complete what they needed, and don’t sell yourself short when it comes time to invoice them. Be honest about what they should expect from you for the price they pay and be open about what you expect from them so that you can accomplish exactly what they are asking for.

Adhere To A Schedule

            This does not have to be a strict 8 hour schedule every day, but one that works the best for you and your abilities. Some freelancers find it easier to work in the evenings while others are morning people and need to get the workday started right way. The time frame shouldn’t be what matters, but rather how efficient you are when sitting down to get your work done. If you are forcing yourself to work 8-4 every day and find that you spent most of the morning just trying to wake up, then that’s not an efficient schedule for you. Discover the optimal hours for your productivity and stick to that in order to manage your workload.

Create A Productive Environment

            One of the best factors of a freelance lifestyle is that you can create your own work environment that best stimulates your creativity and productivity. For some this could be a strict office space that you associate specifically with work, while for others it could be a local coffee shop or even their kitchen table. It all depends on what works best to keep you focused and feeling comfortable throughout the day. Without this level of comfort in your space distractions might affect you easier and leave your vulnerable to forgetting about the to-do list you’ve created for the day. Whether you feel the most productive with a cup of coffee close at hand or the ability to prepare lunch in the comfort of your own home – find what works and use it to your advantage.

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