December 8, 2023
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5 things you didn’t know about natural hair

Who says your hair must always follow the conventional norms? The natural hair movement is constantly encouraging women to boldly show off their curls and locks and formulate styles that leave behind a strong statement. In the following section will delineate 5 things that you did not know about natural hair and justify why it is the best of all!

Warm water is more useful during hair wash

A common misconception that has been doing rounds for quite some years now that using warm water to wash your natural hair would result in the weakening of its roots and cause breakage. However, we are here to break the ice for you. Because natural hair tends to be denser and more voluminous than straight here, it needs enough opportunity to relax its closely-knit pores and let the moisture seep in without much hassle and this privilege is brought about by warm water. Furthermore, washing the hair with warm water sets the foundation for the conditioner to lend its moisturization and nourishment to the hair.

The ingredients in your hair products matter

When it comes to choosing the right products for your hair, there is hardly any room for compromise, especially if you have a stunning casket of natural hair. As you might already know, parabens and sulfates are of no good; studies have proven that even when your skull gets exposed to these two constituents externally, they stimulate the production of estrogen thereby, opening doors to several diseases including cancer. Also, the fact that natural hair is extremely delicate and must be treated with extra care owing to its texture cannot be completely overlooked. Ingredients like sulfate, paraben, polyethylene glycol and retinyl palmitate dissuade natural hair’s fragility and thus, should be kept away. 

Protective hairstyles will take you a long way

The 21st century has gifted us with two fundamental components that are stress and pollution, both of which are capable of appeal and integrity of natural hair single-handedly. Also, managing your hair daily and spending hours on styling it can really get excruciating after a while and this is the reason why we would suggest a protective hairstyle as the ultimate answer. All you have to do is select a style that would suit your personality the best and you can bid all your worries about hair damage ensued by frequent washing and styling, goodbye!

Understand your hair to choose its complements

The biggest advantage of having natural hair is that you can play with its versatility as much as you please but, remember this will only be possible when it chooses the right complements. Additionally, not all natural hair types are the same; even when your curl is similar to someone else, the requisites of your hair can be different. Hence, if you have just started the journey of growing natural hair, then it would be wiser to scan the recourses available first and then procure the products to confirm that they are supplying your hair with optimum amounts of nutrition and moisture.

It needs regular moisturization

Natural hair needs to be sufficed with constant attention without fail; it is like the youngest child of the family who cannot be left on its own terms even for a minute. Natural hair must be garnered with a regular supply of water, oils, and creams to preserve its health and inject the much-needed dose of moisturization. There is nothing in this world that is softer to touch besides natural hair if taken care of diligently.

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