August 18, 2022
Best Video Editing Apps

5 of the Best Video Editing Apps

Videos are a great alternative if you’re trying to break the Instagram posting pattern, not to mention a great way to keep your followers entertained. By including the ability to upload videos in 2013, these were limited to 15 seconds. This limit was later extended to one minute. Now you can even share longer videos using IGTV, an additional application with which you can share videos that exceed one minute in length.

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Having a solid base of followers will help accelerate the organic growth of your Instagram account and take advantage of the tools to increase your presence on social networks, especially if you combine them with professional-looking videos that give an aesthetic value to each of the publications that you share.

Light works

Light works is one of the best video editing programs for social networks, being used even by directors and recognized professionals to optimize their content. In its free version you can add effects in real time, multi-camera editing and configure the video according to the playback monitor. In addition, it supports different video formats and you can export your edited video with the basic features for YouTube. By purchasing the premium version you will be able to edit longer videos and export them in DVD format if you wish.


This application includes a wide variety of features and functions, such as the ability to add post-production effects, color correction, and motion tracking. One of its greatest features is that it allows users to organize videos in the order they prefer and includes several filters similar to those of Instagram that you can apply to your videos. In addition, VSCD makes it easy to export and publish video directly through different social media apps and has a troubleshooter in case of any app performance issues.

Davinci Resolve

This application is quite simple and has gained a lot of recognition for its ability to color correction and the ability to edit videos in a non-linear way. Its interface is very intuitive and even beginner users can take advantage of its editing functions, color correction and the different effects that the application offers.


Like the previous one, Avidemux is quite easy to use. Its functions allow users to apply filters to their videos and convert them into different formats and file types. In addition to this, you can also remove the audio from the video, adjust the volume or have it synchronize with the video as you prefer. The application is quite useful for simple edits, especially for users who do not want to have to convert their videos to another format in order to edit them.

Open Shot

It has a wide variety of functions to help you edit your videos easily. This application has a simple editor and has different animation tools to add distinctive effects or transitions to your final video. In addition, it allows creating 3D titles and users can control the playback speed, add slow motion and even reverse the video.

These 5 apps will help you give your Instagram account a different look with professional quality videos. Before using them, take a look at our services to give that extra boost to your publications and your social media accounts in a safe and economical way.

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